Analog to Digital

Long before Photoshop, Digital SLRS and FTP, all images were produced in a darkroom. Content for news, advertisements, entertainment and art were shot on film. Neil Nanda, a Parsons alumni, established Color Resource Center, the first standalone analog and film processing lab in New York City in 1993. His commitment to properly handle negatives knowing his client’s film would turn into iconic works of art is still the standard at CRC. Photographers of all skill levels from hobbyists and students to professional artists have continue to trust CRC with their film for over two decades. 
As technology influenced creators to transition from analog to digital practices, Neil with the help of his partner Brian Joseph, created Vista Imaging Group to continue accommodating their customers. Vista Imaging Group followed CRC’s traditions and the discipline required to run a successful film lab. As an all in-house post creative print production company, Vista Imaging Group concretizes ideas into physical experiences with its extensive list of services from various forms of signage to mounting, framing and installation. Vista Imaging Group and Color Resource Center are located in Midtown Manhattan.


Our Commitment

Committed to investing into the future of print production, Vista Imaging Group’s vision is to adapt to the methods technology will produce to increase print quality while continue being environmentally conscious.